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This is a terrible app.when I try to do one of the cool drawings it doesn't even let me! Don't wast your time on this horrid app!

Bad app

Best paint app? More like worst paint app! Won't let me do random colors or the fancy stuff. Quit acting like a lame stupid person and make a real app stupid! Ps: I will tell everyone not to use this app because of its lameness!


Not really good when I put one of the fancy things it won't allow me it's. An error and it's horrible


It doesn't do anything all u can do is draw in straight lines!!! U can only do the special features once!! STUPID!!!!!! DO NOT GET IT!!!! It's NOT worth it!! U should get the app " doodle buddy" MUCH BETTER!!! I wouldn't give it one star but I have to!!!


You can't do any thing on it. It only let's you do it once. I wouldn't give it any stars but I have to.


This game is really Fun but only lets you do some things

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